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A photo gallery of 'ukuleles that has been made.  Click each photo for a larger version and a brief description.  If you see something you might be interested in, contact us. 

Custom purpleheart dolphin with paua abalone eyePaua abalone Snowflake inlay on fingerboard TC- Tenor Full Custom with mango woodCC- Spruce top with 3mm abalone rosettePaua abalone Diamond fretmarkers
TCS- 'Ikaika HelmutCustom Hawaiian band going down soundboardCustom 'Ikaika Helmut soundhole
TCS- Japanese Maple Leaf with Fishman prefix pro E.Q. pickupMaster grade Bearclaw spruce topCustom soundhole and paua abalone inlays on the bridgeCustom japanese maple leaf inlay starting from the headstock, continuing down the fingerboard.  White MOP vines and paua abalone leavesRed, Yellow, Green purfling and black (ebony) bindingNeck joint with ebony laminate
TC2- Crazy Abalone with Fishman pick-upPaua abalone everywhere, including the headstock and fingerboard purfling inlays. 
Gorgeous master grade full curly koa with paua abalone back purfling inlayBeautiful Paua Abalone rosette
TCS- pulmeria
Custom pulmeria soundholePaua abalone hibiscus inlay on the headstockBeautiful Master grade Full Curly Koa with purpleheart bindingPurpleheart and Maple neck laminate
TC2 with custom scratch guardsCustom full curly koa double scratch guardsGorgeous master grade full curly koa with paua abalone back purfling inlay
CC- HapaMaple and Curly Koa bindingsHonduran mahogany neck with maple laminate
Beautiful Hawaiian Full Curly Koa top, back, and sidesHonduran mahogany neck with ebony laminate and black chrome Gotoh tuners
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ATCS- $$$
ATC2- Ab crazy
ATCS- Pulmeria
ATCS- Ikaika 
ATCS- 420
ACC- Hapa
ATC2 with Curly Koa scratch guards
Mixed Kine
ACS- Honu
ACS- Tattoo
ATC- Purflex Wood purfling
ATC- East Indian Rosewood
ATC- Blued Sinker Spruce
ATC- Hapa
ACS- Sand & Shells 
Custom paua abalone name inlay on the fingerboardCustom $ headstockCustom $ soundhole
ACS- Commissioned wedding piece
Cherry Blossom 
Custom Kasha
Concert Maui soundhole
TC- Bearclaw spruce
ATC- black & white uke
Custom stripe fretboard w/black pearl tuners
UBass baritone body, 19" scale with frets or fretless
Specializing in Custom & Personalized 'Ukuleles