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A photo gallery of past products that we have made.  Click each photo for a larger version and a brief description.  These are made to order, so if you see something you might be interested in, please contact us. 

10' Koa, Paulownia Hollow wooden Longboard
12' Hollow wooden Stand-up Paddleboard
Specializing in Custom & Personalized 'Ukuleles
Custom Watch holders
Custom Wireless Bluetooth Music Box
Custom Koa bracelet with ab inlay
Custom Koa Vape holders
Custom Dyed Burl iPhone case
Custom Koa & Maple 
Cajon drum
Custom Damascus Knives 
Custom Curly Koa Bowties with ab inlay
Custom wooden ties
Custom Makeup holder with white MOP inlay
Custom Koa & Maple Shades
Custom Name signs
Custom Curly Koa belts
Custom rustic table
Koa Figet Spinner